Special Readings: 

A Special Reading fee of $10.00 applies if customers request for a reading to be taken outside of the normal reading period. Note: the fee will not be charged if the reading is for the purpose of closing an account or for TAU’s own purpose.

Meter Testing:

A Meter Test fee applies if a customer request for their kWh meter installed at their premises to be tested. An internal analysis is generally undertaken to determine whether a meter test is required. Note: the fee will be refunded if your meter is reading outside the +2.5% accuracy limit.

Cable Location:

Te Aponga Uira requires twenty four (24) hours notice for all cable locations. Te Aponga Uira charges an hourly rate for (house/business) cable locating service. Te Aponga Uira does not charge to locate HV or LV mains (underground) feeders.

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Cook Islands.
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