Pillar boxes are mainly in areas with underground power cables, in front of your property or on the road side. These assets are important because they house the electrical wiring that supplies power to your property.

They are tough and provide a high level of protection to the wiring inside, however its important to know that a damaged pillar box is dangerous. If you have cracked or broken a pillar box on your property, stay clear and call TAU’s Fault Line phone: +682 – 25257.

Frequently Asked Questions – Pillar Box  
  1. Call emergency services on 999
  2. Call TAU’s Fault Line on phone: +682 – 25257
  3. Keep bystanders clear
  4. Wait for TAU to attend to make the area safe

If you see a fallen overhead cable or pole, always assume that it is live. Do not go near it, touch it or anything that is in contact with it. Electricity from powerlines can jump or ‘arc’ through the air and travel to earth through your body, resulting in an electric shock. 

In the event of an electrical accident involving power lines:

  • in a life threatening emergency, call emergency services on 999.
  • phone TAU’s dedicated Fault Line on phone:+682 – 25257 to report a fallen power line and to make the area safe.
  • do not go near an injured person if it means going near the powerlines.
  • standback and urge the other bystanders to keep a safe distance of at least 8 metres.
  • do not approach the area until TAU Network Field Services have made the area safe.

Note: In addition to the fallen powerlines, there may also be damage to support structures and equipment. It may not be easy to see damage to structures, so always keep a safe distance.

To avoid electrical incidents within the home, we encourage customers to have their electrical wiring checked regularly by a qualified Cook Islands Electrical Contractor and replace any faulty appliances in the home.

If an electrical accident occurs in the home:

  • in a life threatening emergency, call emergency services on 999.
  • do not go near the injured person/s if they are still in contact with the electrical current.
  • if the area is safe, check the injured person/s for response, airway, breathing and circulation. If necessary start resuscitation. Do not touch burns, break blisters or remove burned clothing. 
  • always seek medical advice after an electric shock, even if injury is not apparent.
  • please contact a qualified Cook Islands Electrical Contractor to check the wiring and establish the cause of the incident.

If your vehicle is in contact with a power pole and brings down the powerline it is safest to remain in the vehicle and wait for emergency services to arrive. As a guide:

  • turn the vehicle off to cut the fuel supply.

  • call emergency services on 999 ( emergency services will contact TAU to make the area safe).

  • if possible remain in the vehicle until the power has been isolated and the area has been made safe

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