Simple steps to get you connected:

  1. In order to start the process, TAU requires the following information:
    •  The location of the premises, supported by a surveyed site plan of the project.
    • An estimate of your power requirement can be determined by completing the Power Supply Enquiry Form in consultation with your nominated Registered Electrician.
  2. Once our Customer Services Team receive the above documents, TAU will undertake a Technical Assessment before quotation is completed.
  3. Our Customer Services Team will then contact the customer to advise them of the quote either via email or over the counter.
  4. Should the customer accept the quote, the customer must complete an Agreement For Supply Of Electricity & Related Services form and pay the necessary fees and other agreed costs. Note: TAU will need sufficient time to complete the work depending on the work required.
  5. The work completed by TAU only involves the installation of the main line, which runs along the public right of way and stops at the last pole/pillar box near your boundary. TAU also makes the connection of the service main cable ( the cable that is between the pole/pillar and the meter box)
  6. The customer will need to engage a Cook Islands registered electrician to carry out the electrical installation work  and the service main cable.
  7. You will also need to ensure that an Electrical Wiring permit is obtained from the Energy Division. An approval from the Energy Division is required before TAU can turn your power on. This is generally done by your Cook Islands registered electrician.
  8. Finally, the Electrical Inspector will need to complete inspection and certify that the work can be safely energised. ‘Completion Notice’ to be provided to TAU by the Inspector.


A standard application fee cost of $10.00. This is an addition to any other associated service charges. You will be charged this fee when there is a change of occupancy and you are the ingoing customer.

Service Connection:
Single Phase Supply $294.00
Three Phase Supply $480.00
Note: The supply is determined by the customers completion of the ‘Power Supply Enquiry’ form ( in consultation with the customers nominated electrician).

Line Extension:
If it is necessary to extend our low voltage distribution network to provide the customers power supply, TAU will require the customer to contribute to the cost of the extension. The charge per span of 47 metres overhead line is $2,680.00. The charge per span of 47 metres of underground cable is $4,025.00. TAU will provide a firm quote for the costs of providing your supply.

Substation Installation:
If it is necessary to install a substation to provide the customer a new or upgraded service connection, TAU will share the cost with the customer. TAU will share the substation transformer costs with the customer on the basis of the customers agreed load requirement. The customer will need to provide space on the property in an agreed location for the installation of the substation. Fixed costs $36,000.00/ Transformer cost $9,000.00

*All fees above are not inclusive of VAT.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team.



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Cook Islands.
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